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What up or what, i am

Lars Nobel

- A 24 year old hard-working webprogrammer with a big passion for the game. I have years of experience and have had interest for codes sinde i was just a small kid.

At the moment i am under education at Tech College Aalborg. I will be finished in January 2020 and by then searching for a full-time job.

I want to dig deeper into SASS/SMACSS/Bootstrap, Javascript/jQuery/Node/React/Angular and RESPONSIVE/DYNAMIC designs.

In my sparetime, you'll most likely find me in the forrest, with my four dogs, if im not locked up in my room, playing with an editor.

Apart from webprogramming, i've been experimenting with python, C# and arduino. With C# and arduino i've installed a motor in a toy car which i could control with a bluetooth connection. With python i've created a trivia bot for
and much much more...

You are always welcome to contact me.

Picture of Lars
  • - Outsourcing Online 2019 | 14-day duty in Spain with ERAMUS | WordPress Templating
  • - 60 weeks programming course (C#, python and SQL mostly)
  • - 6 week Arduino course
  • - 2 week as an arduino mentor for exchange students from Spain, Island and Germany
  • - HTML
  • - CSS
  • - Javascript
  • - Bootstrap
  • - Responsive
  • - jQuery
  • - Node
  • - Angular
  • - React
  • - Dynamic